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Lawyers in Czech Republic
Lawyers in Czech Republic
Legal services in Czech Republic

Lawyers in Czech Republic

We are a team of experienced Czech lawyers with a strong background in financial and corporate law. Read below about the legal services we offer in the Czech Republic.

Litigation cases

Our lawyers in Czech Republic will represent you in local courts, at any level.

Open a company

We can help you open different types of companies, tailored to your business' needs.


Do you need special permits for starting your business? Contact us for help.

Company liquidation

Legal assistance for closing your company observing local laws.

Debt collection

We can help you recover a debt from a natural or legal person.

Tax advice/planning

We offer legal assistance for tax minimization.

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Law Firm in Czech Republic

Law Firm in Czech Republic

Updated on Tuesday 23rd May 2017

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Our Czech law firm is made up of professionals who can provide a wide range of services in the legal field, having an expanded experience in various law areas, namely: criminal business law, corporate law, labor relations and public procurement law. They can also offer, through their affiliated specialists, additional management and accounting services for clients who decide to open a company in the Czech Republic. Our Czech attorneys can provide you with information and assistance, regardless of the size of your business.

Reasons for Investing in the Czech Republic

This country is a popular destination for foreign investors for the last two decades and this is due to the fact that it is a profitable business destination. The Czech Republic, member of the European Union, is constantly developing its free-market economy across many sectors, including activities of mergers and acquisitions.

Its advantageous geographical position, its developed infrastructure, its quality of life, convenient labor costs, skilled workforce, intensity of local competition and financial stability make the Czech Republic an ideal country to invest in, whether it is about setting up an independent company or creating a branch office for a legal entity overseas.

Most foreign investments in the Czech Republic are made by these countries: USA, Austria, Germany, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, Switzerland and France. The main sectors they choose to invest in are: manufacturing, real estate, communications, financial institutions and transport.

We invite you to study a short presentation on the legal services offered by our law firm in Czech Republic:  

Set up a Company in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic’s economy is one of the most developed and stable in Central and Eastern Europe and therefore, this country is an attractive place for foreign investors. As forming a company can sometimes be more of a complicated process, our lawyers in the Czech Republic assist numerous foreign entrepreneurs and they can provide high quality, personalized services, for any kind of business establishment.

If a foreign investor chooses to open a company in the Czech Republic, it is recommended to seek professional counsel from a Czech law firm. An expert in company formation has expertise in guiding investors through the required procedures and presenting the rules and laws of the country.

The types of legal structures that can be registered in the Czech Republic are as follows:

▪ the limited liability company;
▪ joint-stock companies;
▪ co-operatives;
▪ general partnerships;
▪ limited partnerships;
▪ European companies;
▪ European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG).

Our Czech attorneys can give you details about each type of company and offer consultancy in every issue related to laws, workforce, costs etc., in the Czech Republic. Among the services we provide, there are: reserving a company name, opening the bank account for the company and submitting any required documents with the Czech agencies.

Tax Compliance in the Czech Republic

Tax regulations and laws are quite important if you own a company in the Czech Republic or intend to work in this country and our lawyers in the Czech Republic offer advice in all taxation-related matters. If you need assistance for VAT registration or advice concerning payroll services, our Czech law firm is highly experienced in such matters.

Our business advisors and accountants can help in tax minimization, as well as with personal income tax issues. In order to avoid penalties, we can make sure that all your taxes are paid in due time.

The annual corporate tax rate in this country is lower than in many other European countries and some financial incentives have also been introduced in order to make foreign investments grow, such as: corporate tax relief for ten years in new manufacturing businesses, many training grants etc. You can ask our Czech law firm for a personalized advice in accordance to your business field of interest.

Legal Advice and Local Representation

We are able to offer counsel in legal matters and our specialists can also provide you with legal advice and representation in business and commercial disputes. Our attorneys in the Czech Republic can offer support in arbitration, conciliation and other legal issues. Furthermore, if you decide to carry on business with a neighboring country, contact our Czech lawyers who can help you in cross-border matters.

In case you plan on moving in the Czech Republic, our attorneys can ensure assistance in obtaining a work permit or applying for residency. Our specialists in Family Law can help you in any family disputes, such as divorce and other civil law issues. is a part of Bridgewest, a company formation agent in Europe, with offices all over the world. Our areas of expertise are law, company formation and accountancy.



  • Thomas V Boiani 2016-05-11

    To Whom it may concern. Within the next year I would like to purchase property in Prague. The problem is I am an American citizen and would at some time like to get at least a temporary resident permit so I can stay in the country longer than 90 days at a time. Is this possible?

    Hello, you can send us an e-mail at and one of our lawyers will answer you. 

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