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About our lawyers in Czech Republic

About us

Updated on Tuesday 19th September 2017

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CorpexLab provides legal, commercial and corporate services for foreign clients interested in doing business in the Czech Republic.

Your case will be handled by Czech lawyers with expanded expertise in company formation, business consulting, the labor relations as well as other business matters. Our Czech specialists represent foreign citizens in front of the local authorities for company formation formalities and obtaining special permits and licenses that may be required for certain types of businesses.

The company registration can be performed through a power of attorney by our local lawyers; therefore, a foreign investor does not have to travel there.

Our Czech attorneys offer customized services to foreign clients from all over the world, clients who are interested in setting up a company in the Czech Republic and conducting business activities on its territory. Our local employees can take care of the company registration process and any other procedures needed; they will offer efficient solutions in any business issue.

For more information about the services we offer in the Czech Republic, you may contact us at +420 721 565 868.




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