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Obtain Trade License in Czech Republic

Czech companies opened by foreign investors, as well as foreign businesses set up in the country as registered branch offices, can carry on their activities in the same way as Czech companies owned by local entrepreneurs. We present you information on the main trade licenses needed for opening  companies in the Czech Republic.

Obtaining the trade license

The first license necessary for a Czech company that performs trading activities is the trade license. The investor has to register its activities with the Trade License Office in order to obtain it. To do so, the following documentation is required:
a registration application;
a memorandum of association in case the business was founded however not established so far;
evidence of legal utilization of premises;
evidence of payment of the administrative charge (around EU 37).
After up to five days, the Trade License Office in the Czech Republic enters the application in the Trade Register and issues the confirmation of registration. This confirmation will be attached to the trade license or concession. Please note that concessions which do not have the confirmation of registration are not effective. 

Registering in the Business Registry of the Regional Commercial Court

Trade authorizations are still not considered to be effective, because Czech businesses need the extract of the trade license which is issued after registering with the Business Registry. This registration is effectuated in maximum seven days and the fees applicable are around EUR 220.
In order to register, the business owner has to submit an application to the appropriate court which administers the register. Our Czech lawyers can provide more details on what this application consists of. 
The documents required for the registration with the Business Registry are:
the application form;
notarized documents of association;
notarized lease of the headquarter locations;
a confirmation from the administrator which confirms that each business partner contributed with minimum 30% of his or her own funds and that the total paid up capital contribution is minimum CZK 1;
bank confirmation which attests that the capital contributions are kept in the bank account of the company for the registered capital;
biographic information of the business management and/or executives.
We specialize in assisting our clients in obtaining all the necessary trade licenses in order to start a business in the Czech Republic. If you need more information on the subject, please contact our law firm in the Czech Republic.


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