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Czech Tourism Increased by 5,3% in the First Semester of 2016

Czech-Tourism-Increased-by-5,3-in-the-First-Semester-of-2016.jpgCzech Republic can be mentioned as one of the most beautiful countries in the European Union (EU), which offers a wide range of landscapes. Czech Republic is famous for its beautiful castles and their gothic architecture and it is no wonder that the tourism in this country flourished over the years. According to the latest data provided by the Czech National Bank, the tourism industry increased here by 5,3% in the first six months of 2016, as an effect of the growing number of incoming tourists, accounting for 4,1 million (in the same period). Opening a company in the field of tourism should represent an advantageous move for foreign investors and our team of lawyers in Czech Republic can provide more details on this matter. 

The evolution of tourism in Czech Republic in 2015 

The tourism industry performs very well in Czech Republic. To sustain this affirmation, we have to mention that, at the level of 2015, a total number of 27,8 million foreign tourists visited this country, which represented an increase of 8% compared to the situation of 2014. However, a large part of the incoming tourists -14,4 million - spent only one day in the country. 
The data for 2015 is showing that each foreign visitor spent on a daily basis an average sum of CZK 2,769. 
When referring to the demographics statistics, the foreign visitors are strongly represented by foreign nationals arriving from United States of America, Asian states, Germany, Slovakia, Austria and Poland. 
Our law firm in Czech Republic can offer legal assistance to the entrepreneurs who want to find out more details on the business opportunities which can arise in this field, as well as on the business permits necessary for this field and the taxation system applicable to such companies. 


New trends referring to foreign tourists visiting Czech Republic 

The incoming tourists are traditionally represented by the above mentioned nationalities, but there is an increasing trend of visitors who spend more than one day in Czech Republic, arriving from states such as: 
South Korea;
Those who are interested in finding out more details on the legal framework regulating the tourism industry are invited to contact our attorneys in Czech Republic


  • Hellen 2016-09-23

    The tourism industry in Czech Republic is one of their top economic pillars and I consider that through several investment projects the field can provide even better results.

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