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Incentives for Investments in Czech Agriculture

Incentives-for-Investments-in-Czech-Agriculture.jpgThe Czech agricultural system will soon improve its general conditions available for various types of investors, due to a new measure of the Ministry of Agriculture in Czech Republic, which has as a main target the development of less favoured regions of the country. Thus, both local and foreign investors performing various agricultural activities in the less developed areas can benefit from incentives presented in the form of loans. Investors can loan up to CZK 2 million. Moreover, the Czech government can also subsidise a part of the interests for such loans. Businessmen who want to set up a business in the field of agriculture can receive more details on this matter from our team of lawyers in Czech Republic

The characteristics of Czech agriculture 

The Czech agriculture is reaching the European average in terms of its share (calculated as a Gross Domestic Product) in the national economy. Traditionally speaking, Czech Republic is involved in trading activities with other countries, represented by the export of the following products: 
Those who want to start a company with operations in this field should know that out of the total surface of the country, 54% of it is represented by agricultural terrain, while the top crops in Czech Republic are represented by the following: 
Our team of attorneys in Czech Republic can offer an in-depth presentation on how to open a business in this field and those who are interested in finding official information about the Czech agriculture should know that in 2010, the local authorities performed the first Agricultural Census, following the rules and regulations of the European Union. 


Programmes for Czech agriculture 

The investments in the Czech agriculture are sustained by the local authorities. An example in this sense is the Applied Research Programme of the Ministry of Agriculture (ZEME), available for the period of 2017-2025. 
The programme was designed to sustain and promote businesses in this field, carrying out research or development projects. 
Businessmen who need further details on the Czech agriculture and the incentives available for this field are invited to contact our law firm in Czech Republic


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