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January' 2017 | Archive | Blog

Governmental Interest for Developing the Czech Family Firms


Czech family firms, usually incorporated as limited liability companies or sole proprietorships, can benefit from the interest the local government has in such businesses. An important aspect related to the family companies developed in Czech Republic refers to the fact that their presence started to have positive effects on the local market and, thus, the representatives of the country are searching for methods to make such businesses more competitive. Our team of lawyers in Czech Republic can offer more details on the registration of a company here. 

Historic Low Value for Interest Rates for Mortgages in Czech Republic


The natural persons or legal entities interested in purchasing a property in Czech Republic have better conditions when applying for a loan issued by a local bank. The mortgage market in Czech Republic reached a new record at the level of November 2016, when the interest rate applicable to mortgages was established at 1.77%. An important aspect related to this market is that the foreigners can get a mortgage in a faster manner, as they are no longer required to first set up a company here, prior to purchasing a property. Our team of Czech lawyers can offer legal assistance to foreigners who are interested in the lending conditions applicable in this country.