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November' 2017 | Archive | Blog

Main Advantages of the Czech Investment Environment


The Czech Republic has always promoted the equality and the impartiality related to foreign investments, whether direct or indirect. The business environment based on security, reliability, and transparency was created with the help of varied measured and important bilateral agreements with countries worldwide, considering the legislation as established for the states which are part of the European Union. In regards to the legislation for foreign investments, our lawyers in Czech Republic can help business persons register their companies by providing legal support.

Record Growth for Czech Manufacturing Sector in the Last Six Years


Improvements in the manufacturing sector in the Czech Republic have been recorded recently, with confidence reflections offered by the PMI (Purchasing Managers’ Index) in the country. The new data reveals the fact that the registered growth is the most important one in the last six years. Considering the latest statistics and trusting the economic stability, foreign entrepreneurs can expand their businesses in the Czech Republic in the manufacturing sector. Information about the legislation related to foreign investments can be obtained from our lawyers in the Czech Republic.