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December' 2017 | Archive | Blog

Czech Republic and China to Develop the Businesses in Certain Fields


The economic relations between the Czech Republic and China encountered a major change in 2014 when the relations have been reorganized. At a recent convention, the two states have agreed on a significant plan which involves the tourism, the aviation sector, and the trading activities. With a wide-ranging of policies and measures to sustain the foreign investments, Czech Republic welcomes investors who want to enlarge their activities in this country. Our Czech lawyers can offer legal support in matters of company registration among many others.

Organic Farming To be Sustained in the Czech Republic in 2018


The demand for healthy food has made entrepreneurs rethink the business plans. This is also the case of the Czech Republic because the authorities decided to encourage the organic farming and the business persons who want to make investments in this fields. For a proper comprehension of how your company can be registered and the legislation related to the Czech Republic, we suggest you talk to one of your Czech lawyers.