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Czech Republic and China to Develop the Businesses in Certain Fields

The economic relations between the Czech Republic and China encountered a major change in 2014 when the ties have been reorganized. At a recent convention, the two states have agreed on a significant plan which involves the tourism, the aviation sector, and the trading activities. With a wide range of policies and measures to sustain the foreign investments, Czech Republic welcomes investors who want to enlarge their activities in this country. Our Czech lawyers can offer legal support in matters of company registration among many others.

Focusing on certain industries in Czech Republic

Placing the pharmaceutical products made in Czech Republic on the Chinese market and collaboration in the aviation sector are only a few of the agreements on which both countries are concentrated. Even more, the tourism sector has also been considered, as the Czech Republic is anticipating more Chinese tourists in the country with the help of varied packages which are going to be developed in the future years, focusing on the air transport between the two states. The investment sector but also the trading field has been in the attention of Czech Republic and China at a recent meeting between the two countries.
If you are an investor looking to expand the activities in the Czech market, we recommend you get in touch with one of our attorneys in the Czech Republic for legal services.

Strengthening the diplomatic collaboration

Czech Republic and China have signed the first economic partnership about 70 years ago. Strengthening the diplomatic collaboration between Czech Republic and China means opening doors to other important investments, as stated by the representatives of these states. The main purpose is to find an entrance for Czech items and services on the market in China until 2019.
Foreign investors can enter the Czech market and benefit from varied incentives and a proper business climate entirely sustained by the government. If you want more details about the legislation in this matter, please feel free to contact our law firm in Czech Republic.


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