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Governmental Interest for Developing the Czech Family Firms

Governmental-Interest-for-Developing-the-Czech-Family-Firms.pngCzech family firms, usually incorporated as limited liability companies or sole proprietorships,can benefit from the interest the local government has in such businesses. An important aspect related to the family companies developed in Czech Republic refers to the fact that their presence started to have positive effects on the local market and, thus, the representatives of the country are searching for methods to make such businesses more competitive. Our team of lawyers in Czech Republic can offer more details on the registration of a company here. 

Promoting family businesses in Czech Republic  

Family businesses are usually represented by small companies, operating with just several business activities. The University of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic, launched a Centre for Family Business, where the investors of such companies can receive assistance on how to better manage the operations of the company
The Centre provides various services related to the issues that such companies usually confront with in Czech Republic
A main point of interest for the representatives of the country refers to the transfer of ownership – in the case of family businesses launched 25 years ago, after the fall of communism in Czech Republic. Most of the businessmen who started a family company are now interested to transfer the company to their children, who represent the new generation of young entrepreneurs. Our team of attorneys in Czech Republic can offer information on the provisions related to the transfer of ownership

Family companies in Czech Republic  

At the moment, Czech Republic does not apply a specific policy related to the development of family businesses, but the representatives of the local institutions are interested in changing this aspect. 
Family companies are very important for the local economy, as they generate 30% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Such companies need a solid legislative framework, starting from the legal definition of family firms, and continuing with the funds they may access. 
An important aspect related to family businesses in Czech Republic is related to the fact that they can adapt very rapidly to various market changes, as the companies do not have a complicated management structure. 
Businessmen can find out more details on the family companies from our law firm in Czech Republic


  • Caroline 2017-01-15

    The government should impose new regulations for family companies, as they are really important for the local economy.

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