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The Business Opportunities in the E-Commerce Sector in Czech Republic

In figures, the e-commerce sector in the Czech Republic looks promising, as a significant part of the population, about 6.3 million from a total of around 10.3 million, representing a large portion of online shoppers.  Electronics, households, and clothing are among preferred items of a Czech shopper who makes purchases on the internet. Considering the positive trend, the e-commerce businesses are starting to gain confidence in the market, in both local and international plan. Entrepreneurs who are interested in opening a shop online are suggested to ask for legal support from our Czech lawyers in matters of legislation.

How domestic e-commerce field is seen in the Czech Republic

The European Union legislation for online businesses is strict but well interpreted by a wide range of business owners who focus on product quality and awareness in the e-commerce field. The domestic e-commerce or B2C as it is known has considerably advanced in the Czech Republic, and a testimony in this sense are the figures. Around 70% of the residents in this country represent the online shoppers who are interested in purchasing items on the internet for a few times per year. Investors have a wide range of possibilities to offer to customers, starting with the multitude of items they can buy and end with the delivery times which are significant in such business.
We mention that an online shop can be registered through a limited liability company which is a preferred and accessible form of business in the Czech Republic, no matter if the owners are local or from abroad. The legislation is permissive and allows entrepreneurs to set up in a fast and reliable manner. Our attorneys in the Czech Republic are at your disposal with complete legal guidance and support.

Focusing on B2B e-commerce sector

Because technology is developing each day, the B2B e-commerce sector (business-to-business) in Czech Republic flourishes too, as many investors want to enter the market through all kinds of platforms where orders are processed digitally, without having to sell goods and services with the help of phone and email. In this direction, the business can sign partnerships with varied suppliers and place the products in only one marketplace, offering the possibility to buy more items in just one shopping session, having the buyer as the final client. In the Czech Republic, B2B e-commerce is sustained 100% because there is no limit regarding the types of products you wish to offer for sale on the internet. This business is complex, it has to align with the requirements of the tax regime and with the trading sector which involves in many cases, foreign providers.
Investors who want to set up online businesses in Czech Republic and need to understand the laws in this matter are invited to contact our Czech law firm.


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