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Company Registration in the Czech Republic

Company Registration in the Czech Republic

Updated on Thursday 06th July 2017

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Czech law allows foreigners to conduct business activities under the same conditions as the Czech entrepreneurs. In order to register a company in the Czech Republic, entrepreneurs should consider asking a lawyer in the Czech Republic for advice, as he/she can provide them with assistance and further information on the whole registration process.

Types of companies in the Czech Republic


When registering a company in the Czech Republic, foreign investors should first decide on the type of legal entity they want to establish. The most commonly incorporated type, however, is the limited liability company (LLC); there are various differences between an LLC and the other types in terms of registration steps.
More details on the registration of a company in Czech Republic are available in the video below:

Our Czech lawyers can guide you through the entire process of registering a company in the Czech Republic as they have expertise in these matters, as well as in other legal issues you may encounter.

Steps for registering a company in the Czech Republic


When registering a legal entity in the Czech Republic, some steps have to be followed and the ones for an LLC are hereunder:
1. The first step of the registration process is to choose a name for your company and then check its uniqueness in a database from the website of the Ministry of Justice.
2. Then you have to notarize the articles of association and the lease agreement at a public notary. The notary has to follow the requirements of the founders.
3. The third step is to obtain the administrator's confirmation of the contributing capital to the company. The bank's confirmation that the capital contribution is being held in the special bank account of the company is also needed.
4. One of the most important steps is the registration with the Trade Licensing Office where you have to acquire an extract of the trade license. Some of the papers that must be submitted are: an application for registration, the memorandum of association, proof of paying the administrative fee etc. Our law firm in the Czech Republic can help you with this procedure as well as with the others.
5. Then you need to register with the Business Registry of the Regional Commercial Court. Here are some of the papers that you must file in order to complete this process:
  • - application form;
  • - notarized lease of the headquarters' premises of the company;
  • - notarized articles of association;
  • - contributions' confirmation of each founder from the administrator;
  • - data about the company's managers.
6. You then need to register for taxes with the tax office and also for social security with the Social Security Administration. 
For further details on how to register a company in the Czech Republic, our Czech law firm can be of help and also counsel you through the whole process, so feel free to contact our lawyers.


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