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Dismissal of Czech Employees

Dismissal of Czech Employees

The Labor Code in Czech Republic stipulates the conditions in which the employee can terminate a contract and the rights of employers in cases of dismissal. In any case, a written notification needs to be offered at the time of the announcement. Even though it might seem a simple case to handle, entrepreneurs should ask for legal support before terminating a contract or planning a collective dismissal. Our lawyers in Czech Republic are at your disposal with legal advice.

Individual dismissals of employees in Czech Republic

The reasons for firing staff in a company are varied but, in most cases, they are linked to inappropriate conduct, bad results or inefficiency. The employer has to make the right decision in this sense and respect the provisions of the Labor Law in Czech Republic which mentions the rights of employees in case of dismissal. The termination of a contract in Czech Republic must be made with a detailed notification in which the grounds of such decisions are mentioned. Moreover, the dismissal might involve a 2-month termination period in which the employee must continue work, or the collaboration may end immediately if both parts agree. It is good to know that the dismissal of employees must be made in legal terms and with complete attention on their rights, in compliance with the applicable EU laws.

We also mention that it is strongly recommended to observe the termination of contracts from a legal point of view and to be aware of the fact that workers in Czech Republic are protected by the Labor Law. Our Czech attorneys are at your disposal with legal advice.

Separation agreement in case of dismissal 

When both parts, the employee and the employer agree to contract termination in Czech Republic, a separation agreement is applicable in this situation. This is a legal document in which all the terms of work termination are stipulated, including the following:

•    the compensation;

•    the obligation to return all assets linked to the activities;

•    the respect of confidentiality after the contract ends.

Once the claims and agreements are settled, the two parts can legally sign the contract. For complete legal support, please do not hesitate to contact our Czech law firm.