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Employment Law in Czech Republic

Employment Law in Czech Republic

Foreign investors who want to establish a company in Czech Republic in which personnel will be employed should be familiar with the labor legislation applicable here. The legislation states the relationships between the employer and employee and it establishes the main rights and obligations to which parties agree upon by signing a contract. Our Czech lawyers can provide you with assistance on the labor legislation and can represent you if you need to draft an employment contract. Also, they can help foreigners start a business in the Czech Republic.

Czech employment legislation for foreigners 

Employment relationships are established under the Labor Code and it is applicable to both national and foreign entities (companies or individuals). The provisions stipulated by the Labor Code are also available if the parties involved are both foreigners, as long as the employment terms have been agreed upon in Czech Republic

Foreign entities are allowed to choose the employment legislation applicable in their home country. Our employment lawyers in Czech Republic can provide you with further information on the labor relationships established between foreigners and local employers

Amendments to the Czech Labor Code 

The Czech government has recently introduced new regulations to the Labor Code, created to support both the employer and the employee. The employment legislation was modified on 1st October 2015 with the following provisions and several modifications until 2019:

  • the government offers a 20% subsidy for the salary of the employees if the company is affected by various financial crises and has to reduce the level of payments allocated to the employees;
  • the Labor Code provides new compensations for work injuries and occupational diseases;
  • the Code offers a new termination period for contracts signed between employees who are enrolled in a second job outside their primary full time job;
  • the minimum wage in 2019 in the Czech Republic was set at HRK 13,350.

Content of a work contract

The content of an employment contract in the Czech Republic must comply with local and international law. In addition to the rights of a foreign or domestic employee, the responsibilities of each party involved are also explained. Here are some details of an employment contract:

  • The type of contract is mentioned from the beginning: for a determined or indefinite period.
  • The object of the contract – the performance of work for the employer, in exchange for an established remuneration.
  • Place of activities – it is mentioned if the activity takes place at the office or in the field, as well as the working hours.
  • Type of work – the name of the job and the associated code are mentioned.
  • Job attributions – these are provided in the job description which is attached to the employment contract.
  • Working conditions – the performed activities are mentioned, in normal working conditions.
  • Remuneration – the employment contract must stipulate the number of hours worked as well as the remuneration for the activities performed.
  • Litigation – solutions and methods are added to resolve a labor dispute.

This is some of the information that an employment contract contains. Our employment lawyers in Czech Republic can offer you legal advice in this case.

Types of employment contracts

There are employment contracts concluded for fixed or indefinite periods. Also, employers can offer fixed contracts, for a well-established period, depending on the projects. Full-time and part-time contracts are concluded with employees who want and can work only a few hours a week. Regardless of the type of contract signed, the employer must ensure optimal working conditions and respect the rights of the employer. He/she is entitled to remuneration, fixed working hours, days off, leave, bonuses, sick leave, etc.

We invite you to discuss the legal aspects of an employment contract with one of our employment lawyers in Czech Republic.

Maternity leave in Czech Republic

Regulations 1999 is the set of laws that explain the conditions for maternity leave. Thus, employers are obliged to pay the prenatal leave of the future mother. Women are also entitled to 52 weeks of maternity leave. Also under this law, fathers can be paid for two weeks of maternity leave. You can talk to our Czech lawyers with experience in Employment Law.

What does the Equality Act 2010 mention?

Discrimination in the workplace is a sensitive issue. That is why the implementation of the Equality Act 2010, which protects those who want to work in the Czech Republic, was needed. Therefore, there will be no discrimination on the basis of race, religion, age, sexual orientation, pregnancy and maternity. Equal labor rights are provided for both local and foreign workers, and employers must comply with the law.

If you feel discriminated against at work or if you encounter such problems, please contact an employment lawyer in Czech Republic.

Who issues the work permits for foreign citizens?

Non-EU citizens who want to work in the Czech Republic must first obtain a work permit that grants legal employment in the country. This type of document has a validity of 2 years and it is issued by the Employment Office in the Czech Republic

Hiring foreign workers in the Czech Republic

Companies interested in hiring foreign workers in the Czech Republic must observe a series of rules and regulations in matters of documents, such as:

  • A certificate proving the experience of employees in a certain field;
  • A valid passport and/or identification card issued in the country of origin;
  • Details and documents showing the residence address in the Czech Republic;
  • A clear criminal record which needs to be verified by the company’s representative when hiring foreign workers.

It is good to know that companies in the Czech Republic will act as sponsors for foreign employees. Such sponsors will have to prove to the immigration authorities a copy of the work contract, financial details, and other relevant details. One of our employment lawyers in Czech Republic can give complete legal advice to foreign citizens applying for a work permit in this country. 

Contracts for employees in the Czech Republic

Foreign workers in the Czech Republic have the same employment rights as the citizens of this country. This means that the Employment Law applies in the same manner to foreign citizens who can work under a legal employment contract issued for a fixed or indeterminate period.

Foreign employees are paid in agreement with the terms of the work contract, can enjoy holiday rights, maternity leave, and other important rights as stated by the Employment Law in Czech Republic.

For a better understanding of the rights you have as an employee of a firm in Czech Republic, we recommend you talk to one of our Czech specialists. Also, if you would like to know all the legal aspects of your work contract before you sign it, feel free to solicit advice from our employment lawyers in Czech Republic.

Here are some statistics on the labor market in the Czech Republic:

  1. According to Statista.com, more than 5.31 million employees were registered in the Czech Republic in 2019.
  2. Data for 2021 show that there are around 5.21 million employees in this country.
  3. Labor force participation for September 2021 was about 60%.
  4. In March 2022, the minimum wage was about EUR 596.

The termination of a contract in Czech Republic

A work contract can be terminated for varied reasons, whether the employer no longer needs the services and the support of a worker or if the agreement came to an end. In special cases, a contract can be closed due to inappropriate conduct that is not accepted in the company.

In this situation, according to the Employment Law in the Czech Republic, the employee involved must be notified by the company regarding the dismissal. The work contract can cease immediately by mutual agreement or the employee can work for 2 more months, as stated by the contract.

The termination of a work contract can be explained by a employment lawyers in Czech Republic, with the mention that an employee found in this situation has the right for remuneration. He/she has the obligation of respecting the company policies until the collaboration is closed. 

In the case of mutual agreement, this means that both employee and employer accepted the resignation in a fair and friendly manner, with no complications involved. 

The workforce in the Czech Republic

The skilled workforce in the Czech Republic is highly appreciated by international investors with companies in this country. Regarding the labor costs, the Czech Republic is quite attractive from this point of view compared to other European countries. The competent, experienced and multilingual workforce in the Czech Republic is extremely appreciated by both domestic and foreign employers who offer excellent working conditions in all sectors. Foreign companies with activities in sectors like manufacturing, transportation, education, agriculture, tourism, import and export, communication or real estate can rely on the local workforce in the Czech Republic.

In terms of business and economy, the Czech Republic is found on the right path, and the following details and facts can highlight this affirmation:

  1. The total FDI stock for 2018 was around USD 155,024 million in 2018.
  2. According to the 2019 Doing Business report offered by the World Bank, the Czech Republic ranks 35th out of 190 worldwide economies.
  3. Austria, Luxembourg, Germany and the Netherlands are the main investment partners of the Czech Republic.
  4. The visa scheme for non-EU citizens allows them to enjoy a series of advantages in exchange for investments of around EUR 1,9 million.

If you need further information on the employment law in Czech Republic, please contact our team of Czech lawyers, who can provide you with assistance on this matter.