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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated on Wednesday 18th November 2015

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FAQ-czech-lawyers.jpgOur Czech lawyers are frequently asked questions by foreign investors on how to set up their own business or about employment issues they might encounter in the country they want to move to. We have gathered below some questions and answered them.

1. What are the most important legal aspects in the process of forming a company in the Czech Republic?

For some business activities conducted in the Czech Republic, a trade license or other special permits have to be issued depending on the type of business. Czech law generally states that a foreign citizen may operate a business under the same conditions as the Czechs. The most popular business entity established in the Czech Republic is the limited liability company and this can be done helped by our law firm in Czech Republic.

2. What are the phases of a business litigation case in the Czech Republic?

The majority of the local litigations are handled by regular courts of law. There are four areas of law in the Czech Republic, namely: civil, criminal, constitutional and administrative. In the preliminary proceedings, the court usually assists the parties in settling their litigation and then follows the first instance proceedings, the appellate ones, the proceedings that involve judicial review of decisions and finally enforcement proceedings.

3. Which are the main legal requirements for a foreign investor who wants to establish a business entity in the Czech Republic?

The first step that must be completed when wanting to form a legal entity in the Czech Republic is to decide on a name for your company and reserve it with the Ministry of Justice agency, then you need to open a bank account, register for taxes with the Tax Office and also register with the Commercial Registry of the Regional Court.

4. Do I need a visa in order to enter the Czech Republic? If so, how do I acquire it?

As the Czech Republic is an European Union member state and also part of the Schenghen Area, generally, EU foreign citizens, do not need a visa to visit this country, only an ID card for EU citizens or a valid passport. Thus, depending on the situation, residents of other countries outside EU have to check the visa terms at their country’s Czech embassy.

5. Are special permits or licenses required for my new company in the Czech Republic?

Depending on the company’s business activities, licenses or special permits can be necessary, but our Czech lawyers will ensure customized advice on how to open your company as soon as possible.

6. What are the employment requirements in the Czech Republic?

EU member states’ citizens benefit from the same employment rights as the Czechs do. Speaking and writing Czech are quite important, but not mandatory (depending on the job you want) and applications do not have to be submitted in the Czech Republic, as this can be done online. As a foreigner, you need to obtain an employment permit (if required by the Employment Act) and also a permit of residence, an Employee Card or a Blue one.

7. What do I have to do in order to obtain Czech citizenship?

For acquiring a citizenship in the Czech Republic, you need to hold a residency permit for a minimum of five years and to spend important part of that time in this country, then prove that you intend to give up your citizenship. This application must be submitted with the local office of the Ministry of Interior.

For other questions and legal advice, feel free to contact our lawyers in the Czech Republic.


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