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Intellectual Property in Czech Republic

Intellectual Property in Czech Republic

Natural persons or legal entities interested in protecting an intellectual property in Czech Republic should be familiar with the local legislation applicable in this field. Intellectual property refers to inventions which are creations of the mind and they can designate works of art, designs or logos used in commercial activities. Persons who need to receive a comprehensive presentation on the intellectual property legislation applicable in Czech Republic can request legal assistance from our team of Czech lawyers

Intellectual property legislation in Czech Republic 

Persons who want to protect any type of intellectual property (IP) established under the local legislation should know that there are several rules of law related to this matter, which designate what types of IP fall under the protection of the law, the way in which they can be registered and the period for which they are protected. 

One of the main laws is the Act of April 22, 2008, which refers to the Copyright Act; the Act prescribes the rights given to the creator of a work, which can be established in the artistic field, or in the television or radio broadcasting. According to the Act, an intellectual property designated as a “work” can refer to the following: 

• literary work expressed in writing;

• musical work;

• theater works;

• choreography;

• photography;

• audiovisual works;

• artistic work (paintings, sculptures, graphics);

• architecture designs. 

Joint authors of a Czech creation 

Article 8 of the Act establishes the way in which a work will be treated if there are more authors signing that certain creation; the paragraph 1 stipulates that such a work will belong to all the authors, as long as the authors have actively expressed their own ideas on that specific work.

Persons providing assistance in any matter for the creation of the work will not be considered authors; our team of lawyers in Prague can provide you with more details on this subject. 

If you need further information related to the statute of a certain intellectual work or if you want to register as the creator of a certain property, please contact our team of lawyers, who can provide you with legal assistance on this matter.