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Legal Services in the Czech Republic

Legal Services in the Czech Republic

Foreign investors can decide on starting businesses in the Czech Republic and take advantage of the stable and appreciated environment for investments. With a permissive legislation that helps international entrepreneurs in setting up their operations in a fast manner and with the same rights as imposed for national investors. Our law firm in the Czech Republic offers various legal services for international clients who are conducting business activities on this country’s territory. Some of the legal services offered by our attorneys in the Czech Republic are explained below.

Legal support for corporate and commercial disputes

You can be represented before any local court of justice by our attorneys in the Czech Republic during all the stages of a litigation case. Our lawyers in Prague can offer complete legal services for local and foreign clients. 

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

Our attorneys can assist you with any mergers and acquisitions you want to operate and also with purchasing shares or stocks from a Czech legal entity or with your involvement in a corporate restructuring.

How can a company be liquidated in Czech Republic?

In case you wish to liquidate your company, feel free to contact our lawyers in the Czech Republic who will present all the legal procedures you will need to complete and will assist you through the whole liquidation process, regardless of the time the procedures will take.

How can I open a company in Czech Republic?

In the case you wish to set up a company in the Czech Republic, you are not required to travel there yourself to register it; our Czech lawyers can incorporate the company for you as they can act on your behalf after you give them a power of attorney. This can only be made after you send them the necessary documents. Our Czech attorneys can represent you in front of the authorities in this country regardless of the company type you want to establish, whether it is a limited liability company (LLC), a joint stock company (JSC) or other business entity.

The video below offers more details on the legal services available in Czech Republic, including those related to the incorporation of a business: 

Can I receive support for opening a branch or a subsidiary?

If you decide on creating a branch office or a subsidiary for your existing parent-company overseas, you can contact our Czech law firm and surely our specialists will take care of all procedures needed and make sure that your business will operate in the shortest time possible. Our experts can also help you decide on which company type is more appropriate to establish in the Czech Republic, taking into account your fields of interest.

Licenses and permits in Czech Republic

You will need special permits and/or licenses in the Czech Republic, if you perform certain types of business activities, but you do not have to travel there in order to obtain them, as our lawyers in the Czech Republic can obtain them on your behalf and will also represent you in front of the Czech authorities.

Tax advice and planning

If you wish to minimize your taxes, our Czech lawyers can present you with all the legal methods to do this and they can also offer you personalized solutions to saving as much capital as legally possible.

The debt collection procedure in Czech Republic

Companies that need to recover the debts from partners or providers should know that they can commence the debt collection procedure with complete legal support offered by our team of lawyers. An amicable recovery method is normally started for collecting the debts instead of dealing with a lawsuit in Czech Republic. A payment notification is sent to the debtors, and then a communication between the parties involved will commence. In this matter, the debtor is informed once again about the payments which need to be done, and if from varied reasons the terms cannot be respected, new conditions comprised by a new contract can enter the discussion. The debt collection procedure in Czech Republic may be solved in the court of law if the amicable procedure turned to no positive results.

A legal action can commence after a letter of notification comprising the financial responsibilities of the debtor is sent, and if the payments were still not made. In other words, you have the right to sue the debtor and start a judicial recovery of the money. We are at your disposal with legal guidance if you are interested in recovering the debts.

Purchasing a company in Czech Republic

Starting a business in Czech Republic can be done through the traditional method, meaning that a foreigner can register a firm from scratch, or by purchasing a shelf company in the Czech Republic. You might want to observe the following matters which describe the ready-made companies in Czech Republic:

  • the transfer of the ownership is the legal action that needs to be considered at the time of purchasing a shelf company;
  • a ready-made company is already registered and can be easily introduced on the market if the ownership transfer is made;
  • the director of such a company can be a foreigner;
  • a shelf company is registered with the Commercial Register in Czech Republic;
  • the next step is to register for VAT purposes;
  • a ready-made company has no activities and therefore no debts.

We invite you to talk to our lawyers and find out the legal aspects connected to the requirements for purchasing a ready-made company in Czech Republic.  In case you need any further details about our lawyers’ legal services in the Czech Republic, you may contact our Czech law firm. If you need legal services in other countries, such as conseling for obtaining a residence permit, we can put you in touch with our local partenrs,