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Litigation Lawyers in Czech Republic

Litigation Lawyers in Czech Republic

Updated on Thursday 12th May 2016

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Litigation-Lawyers-in-Czech-Republic.jpgLitigation in Czech Republic refers to the last legal method to which individuals or legal entities involved in any type of disputes use in order settle the case. In cases involving disputes, the local legislation stipulates that the first legal step which has to be applied is a settlement between the parties involved. Only if this procedure fails, the parties can file for a lawsuit, which will be presented in a Czech court; if you are involved in a dispute, our Czech litigation lawyers can provide you with assistance on the case and legal representation. 

Arbitration court in Czech Republic 


Foreign investors who have set up a company in Czech Republic that is involved in a commercial dispute should know that this type of case can be addressed to the Arbitration court, which can offer resolutions for local or international commercial disputes
At the same, the Arbitration court offers its services to persons who have been involved in various types of consumer dispute; our team of Czech lawyers can represent you in rental disputes referring to the breach on the stipulations of the contract. 
The legislation under which the Arbitration court functions is provided by the Act no. 216/1994 Coll., which specifies that the court can resolve disputes addressed to it only in the case it has jurisdiction which is prescribed by the following: 
the parties have concluded an arbitration agreement;
an international treaty. 


Litigation services in Czech Republic

The litigation services provided by our Czech lawyers cover a wide range of aspects related to the Commercial law; our lawyers can provide you with assistance on various legal aspects of the litigation case in which you are involved. 
The lawyers can assist you in creating a litigation strategy in accordance with your specific situation; our lawyers can offer legal help for debt enforcement, employment litigation or taxation disputes.
If you need further information on litigation services offered in Czech Republic, please contact our Czech law firm for legal representation. 


  • Andrew 2016-02-25

    Hello! I am currently involved in dispute with my landlord, who is not respecting several provisions of the rental contract. How should I proceed in this situation? Thank you!

    Hello, you can send us an e-mail at and one of our lawyers will answer you. 

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