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Purchase a Property in Czech Republic

Purchase a Property in Czech Republic

Since the Czech Republic became an EU member state, the process of acquiring property has become notably more convenient for foreigners wishing to own a building or apartment here. Czech Republic allows EU citizens to purchase property without the need for a residence permit. Should you have an interest in acquiring property in Prague, our team of Czech lawyers is more than willing to provide you with assistance throughout this procedure. Please feel free to reach out to us for any further inquiries or support.

 Quick Facts  
Can expats buy properties in Czech Republic?  Yes, there are no restrictions for buying properties in Czech Republic as a foreigner as long as they are not state-owned 

Legislation for property purchase in Czech Republic

Real Estate Law in Czech Republic 

Types of properties you can buy as a foreigner 

– apartments,

– agricultural lands,

– condominiums,

– villas,

– studios,

– office buildings,

– residential buildings etc. 

Property inspection before purchase (YES/NO)  YES 
Pre-sale agreement required 

Yes, also known as a property reservation agreement. A fee of up to 5% of the property price must be paid

Documentation verification made by our Czech law firm 

– title deed,

– property history,

– verification of previous sale-purchase contracts

Content of a sale-purchase contract of a property 

– name of former owners, buyer and seller information,

– property details, including the price, conditions of ownership, transfer 

Real estate tax in Czech Republic 

2 CZK per square meter is the minimum tax rate for a house in Czech Republic 

VAT for property purchase in Czech Republic 

21% standard VAT rate. A lower rate applies depending on the space of the property 

Can a lawyer in Czech Republic represent you with a power of attorney?  Yes, we can represent customers interested in buying a property in Czech Republic by signing varied documents on their behalf 
Possibility to buy without visiting Czech Republic (YES/NO) 


Residence permit issued for buying a property in Czech Republic 

In case of businessmen, at least 60% of the EUR 2,850,000 investment program must be directed to the real estate sector to gain this status 

Citizenship application permitted 

Foreigners cannot acquire Czech citizenship by purchasing property in this country

Buying a property in Czech Republic through mortgage 

Varied banks allow property purchase through a mortgage, but specific conditions apply 

Legal services offered for buying a property in Czech Republic 

– representation with a power of attorney,

– documents verification,

– representation in front of a notary,

– support in negotiation 

Due diligence  Conduct thorough research on the property's history and status with the help of our Czech lawyers. 

Reservation contract 

A preliminary agreement is non-binding but secures the property. 

 Deposit requirement

Usually required upon signing the purchase agreement 

Legal representation  Recommended for navigating local laws and regulations. Consult our Czech property lawyers for assistance. 

Mortgages are available to foreigners, usually up to 80% of property value. 

Property taxes 

Transfer tax, real estate tax, and other local taxes may apply. Also, learn about tax compliance from our lawyers in the Czech Republic. 

 Notary fees

Notary fees are typically paid by the buyer. 


Register the property with the Land Registry. 


Legal documents are typically in Czech; translation may be required. 

Municipality approval  Local authorities may need to approve the purchase. 
Title deed 

 Issued by the Land Registry once the property is registered

 Cooling-off period

 Buyers can cancel the contract within 14 days without penalty according to the Czech Consumer Protection Act.


Transactions are usually conducted in Czech Koruna (CZK). 

 Refundable deposit

The seller can keep the deposit if the buyer backs out. 

Purchase process timeline  Typically it takes a few months from the offer to completion. 

Who can buy properties in Czech Republic?

According to the legislation applicable in Czech Republic, several categories of individuals suffer no restrictions in terms of acquiring a property: 

  • Czech citizens can buy all kinds of properties in this country, besides the state-owned ones;
  • legal entities which have headquarters established in Czech Republic;
  • individuals who have applied for asylum in Czech Republic and who were granted this right.

EU citizens can purchase a property in the Czech Republic by presenting their passport as an identification document. Previously, non-EU nationals were only able to acquire Czech real estate if their spouse is Czech or if they hold a permanent residence permit in the country. But now, there are no more limitations on the category of property that can be purchased by foreigners. This implies that anyone can openly acquire an apartment or land without encountering any constraints. It is advisable to seek professional advice and guidance from our lawyers to navigate the specific requirements and regulations for property acquisition in the Czech Republic.

What types of properties can I buy in Czech Republic?

Agricultural lands, apartments, office buildings, condominiums, studios, or warehouses are among the assets you can purchase in the Czech Republic. The legal aspects of property purchase in this country can be entirely explained by our Czech attorneys. In the Czech Republic, you can buy various types of properties, including:

  • Residential properties: These include apartments, houses, townhouses, and villas. Residential properties are commonly sought after by both locals and foreigners for personal use or as an investment.
  • Commercial properties: This category includes offices, retail spaces, industrial buildings, and warehouses. Buying commercial properties can be appealing to entrepreneurs and investors looking to establish businesses or expand their operations in the Czech Republic.
  • Land: Land purchases are also possible, but there might be some restrictions on buying agricultural land for non-Czech citizens. It is essential to understand the specific regulations regarding land acquisition from our Czech lawyers.
  • Holiday homes: The Czech Republic’s picturesque landscapes and historical cities make it an attractive destination for holiday home buyers, especially in popular tourist areas.
  • Rental properties: Investors may be interested in buying properties to rent them out to generate income.
  • Development projects: Some investors may explore opportunities to purchase properties for redevelopment or renovation projects.

It is worth noting that property types and availability may vary in different regions of the Czech Republic, with more options typically available in major cities like: Prague, Brno, and Ostrava. As with any property purchase, it’s essential to conduct thorough research, and seek legal advice, to ensure a smooth and successful transaction. Additionally, property laws and regulations may change over time, so staying informed about the latest updates is crucial. If you have any questions regarding buying real estate in Czech, please consult with our Czech attorneys

We also have an infographic on this subject:

Real estate due diligence in Czech Republic

real estate due diligence procedure is normally suggested at the time foreigners want to purchase a property in the Czech Republic. This is an important method through which a property is verified before the ownership is transferred. Complete information about the history of the property is normally provided by the seller, to see if there are any litigations involved, if the construction permits are available, and if all the taxes have been paid. We remind you that our lawyers in Prague are entitled to perform real estate due diligence for all foreign individuals who are interested in buying an apartment in Prague. Here are some key steps they may take during the due diligence process:

  1. Title search: Our lawyers in Czech Republic will review the property’s title deeds and records to ensure that the seller has clear and valid ownership rights to the property.
  2. Encumbrances and liens: Our attorneys will check for any mortgages, liens, or encumbrances on the property that could affect its transfer of ownership.
  3. Land registry check: They will examine the property’s registration in the land registry to confirm the accuracy of ownership details and any potential disputes.
  4. Zoning and permits: Our lawyers will verify that the property complies with zoning regulations and has all the necessary permits for its current use and any planned development.

Besides these services, our Czech lawyers will also check for lease and tenancy agreements, utilities and services, tax and financial obligations, environmental assessment, etc. By conducting due diligence, our Czech lawyers can provide their clients with a clear understanding of the property’s legal status and potential risks, enabling them to make informed decisions about the purchase. It is essential to engage experienced local lawyers who are familiar with Czech property laws and regulations to ensure a thorough and reliable due diligence process. If you are interested, our local lawyers in Czech can offer you comprehensive assistance in this matter.

Procedures for buying a property 

It is recommended that, after you have found the property you would like to live in, to perform due diligence procedures. The purchase should take place under the supervision of a Czech lawyer and a real estate agent. If you sell a property in the Czech Republic, it is generally subject to VAT. However, if you wait for at least 5 years after getting the necessary permits or starting to use the property, then the sale becomes exempt from VAT. But if there are significant changes to the property, the 5-year period starts over. If the sale is not exempt, the VAT rate is either 15% or 21%, with the lower rate applying to residential properties. There are no specific transfer taxes or immovable acquisition taxes on the sale of real estate in the Czech Republic. If the sale would be exempt from VAT, the seller can choose to apply VAT if the buyer agrees. In such cases, the buyer pays the VAT instead of the seller (reverse charge).

It’s important to understand these tax rules when buying or selling property in the Czech Republic, and consulting with our professionals can help you navigate the process effectively.

Land registration in the Czech Republic

A Land Registry Office declaration is needed at the time a person wants to purchase a residential property. This kind of document must contain complete details about the real owner of the property, the only person in charge of selling that property, the ownership, the plot number, and the address. In special cases, a lawyer acting with a power of attorney can take care of all the formalities involved in selling a property in the Czech Republic. It is important to know that such a declaration will also tell you if there are encumbrances, lawsuits, or loans on the property you wish to buy. The official website of the Land Registry Office offers free services for those wanting information, picture, or maps of Czech properties. On the other hand, if you do not want to deal with such formalities before purchasing a property, you can talk to our Czech attorneys and find out how they can legally help. 

What is a professional appraisal?

A professional appraisal of a property is a short report comprising information about the building materials, the cadastre extract, the initial purchase contract, previous expert valuations, measurements, building approvals, and many more. Even though such a report comprises a wide range of details, it is best to talk to the owner and find out more about the property you are about to purchase. He or she can tell you about the building permits, isolation, heating, property changes, etc. If you would like to request a professional appraisal before buying a real estate property in the Czech Republic, do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our Czech lawyers. This way, you can be sure that there are no hidden problems or wrong information about a building, house, condominium, or apartment. 

Foreign residents and mortgages in the Czech Republic

A person with temporary or permanent residence in the Czech Republic can receive a loan to buy a property in this country. Many banks in the Czech Republic offer a clear picture of the mortgage conditions for foreigners. Among these, some banks might request proof of a steady source of income and living for at least two years in the country. Having said these conditions, many entrepreneurs set up companies in the Czech Republic to have better chances to obtain loans for buying a house. All the legal aspects of mortgages in the Czech Republic can be solicited by our Czech attorneys.

Here is also our video on how to buy a property:

FAQ about property in Czech Republic

Who can buy a property in Czech Republic?

There are no restrictions in the real estate sector when it comes to property purchases. Foreigners are welcome to buy any property they want in the Czech Republic as long as they aren’t state-owned. One must apply for a residence permit if he/she intends to move to Czeck Republic after the property purchase.

Can I rent a property in Czech Republic after purchase?

Yes, you can rent a property in Czech Republic as long as you respect the legislation in this matter. Property owners must prepare a lease contract when deciding on customers.

What kind of properties can I buy in Czech Republic?

Apartments, villas, condominiums, office buildings, agricultural lands, warehouses, and studios are the types of properties that can be purchased by both locals and foreigners in Czech Republic. The entire process can be overseen from a legal point of view by our Czech lawyers.

Do I need legal advice for buying a property in Czech Republic?

Yes, it is quite recommended to have in mind the legal support of a Czech lawyer if you would like to buy a property in this country. A Czech attorney can verify the sale-purchase contract and the conditions comprised by such a document.

Can I ask for real estate due diligence in Czech Republic?

Yes, real estate due diligence is a procedure through which a property is verified from a legal point of view. If there are any litigations related to the property you are about to buy, such information will be revealed by a real estate due diligence procedure. Our Czech attorneys can tell you more.

Can a Czech lawyer buy a property on behalf of a foreigner?

Yes, a Czech lawyer can purchase a property, helped by a power of attorney. You can discuss all the legal aspects with our specialists.

Is land registration required in Czech Republic?

Yes, the Land Registry Office in Czech Republic receives the documents of properties purchased by individuals in this country. A declaration with complete information about the bought real estate property in Czech Republic is solicited. Our Czech lawyers can help you with these formalities.

Is it hard to gain residence in Czech Republic?

No, the formalities for a residence permit in Czech Republic are straightforward and allow foreigners to legally live in this country. The process of buying a property in Czech Republic can be overseen by our specialists.

Opening a real estate business in Czech Republic

Foreign investors in Czech Republic have a wide range of business opportunities in the real estate sector. One can open a construction company with fewer bureaucracies, or a real estate agency to generate profits in a fast and reliable manner. These are great business ideas for international entrepreneurs in Czech Republic, with minimum effort from a company formation point of view. Plus, the support of a Czech lawyer will prove quite helpful, especially for those who are not acquainted with the legislation in the real estate sector. As for the company registration of a firm in this sector, the limited liability company can be the proper business form for entrepreneurs in Czech Republic. The formalities are quite simple and the business is based on the Articles of Association, the main documents of the firm, comprising complete information about the owners, activities, business address, internal rules and regulations, and many more. One should note that our Czech lawyers can represent your firm and can also help you register with the local authorities, respecting the regulations in this matter. Would you like to buy a house in Prague? Please talk to our specialists.

Choosing our Czech lawyers

We have a dedicated Czech team of lawyers with experience in the real estate sector. Both locals and foreigners can rely on the legal support offered by our advisors who act with professionalism, proficiency, and competence. All the legal services we offer are tailored to the needs of clients, as we collaborate from the start, for the best possible results.

Commercial property investments in Prague

Please find below the statistics on investments in Prague commercial properties:

  • In 2021, the commercial real estate market in Prague witnessed an investment volume of about one billion euros;
  • There was a noticeable surge in investment volume from around 1.14 billion euros in 2013 to 2.39 billion euros in 2019;
  • However, there was a decline in 2020, with the investment volume dropping to 868 million euros.

All the legal aspects involving the purchase of a property in the Czech Republic can be explained by our team of Czech lawyers who can also answer all your questions. For additional information about how to buy an apartment in Prague, please contact our team of Czech lawyers.