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Set up a Hotel in Czech Republic

Set up a Hotel in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a preferred country by tourists worldwide, a travel destination for visitors in search of history and beautiful landscapes. Even though the country has no sea exits, it has many other interesting things to offer, and numerous investors decide to set up their businesses in Czech Republic. A suitable solution for entrepreneurs is opening a hotel in Czech Republic or any kind of accommodations in compliance with the rules and regulations in this matter. For a better understanding of the legislation, it is recommended to talk to one of our Czech lawyers who are at your disposal for any type of company registration.

What kind of accommodations you can set up in Czech Republic

Hotels, pensions, campsites, or hostels are among accommodations an entrepreneur can set up when deciding on doing business in the Czech Republic. Regarding the hotel you can open in the country, one should consider that in this domain it applies the 5-star hotel classification system settled in the European Union. Depending on the facilities, a hotel in Czech Republic may offer the following:

•    large and luxurious rooms with internet, cable, minibar, and breakfast included, are subject to a 5-star accommodation system;

•    3-stars hotels offer standard facilities which can include breakfast on request;

•    2-stars hotels are economy accommodations;

•    1-star hotels are low cost and suitable hostels with services for a particular type of tourists.

For any kind of hotel you want to open in Czech Republic, please consider that special licenses and permits are necessary, a matter where our Czech attorneys can offer legal assistance and support.

Special permits and licenses for a hotel in Czech Republic

Activating in the tourism sector as a foreign entrepreneur may involve buying an existing building for your hotel or building a new one. The second option regards the building license in the Czech Republic, and even more, if an existing edifice needs to be renovated, another kind of permit is mandatory. Please also consider the following requirements for your hotel in the Czech Republic:

•    apply for approvals with the fire department;

•    apply for food licenses if the hotel offers catering services.

For any kind of information regarding the legal aspects of company registration and licenses for a hotel, please do not hesitate to contact our law firm in the Czech Republic.