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Signing Contracts with a Czech Company

Signing Contracts with a Czech Company

Companies with operations in the Czech Republic usually deal with varied providers or suppliers to obtain the necessary services or goods. In order to seal a collaboration, a legal contract is necessary between the two parts. This is an important document which generally involves the same conditions regardless of the services offered: the duration of the contract, details about the signing parties, the services offered, and the fees included in the business. All the legal aspects of a convention must be analyzed before any acceptance, therefore, a Czech lawyer should be requested in this sense.

How a contract is accepted in the Czech Republic

Each contract comprises all the terms and conditions of the collaboration between a supplier of services and the company that solicits its facilities and must conform with the suitable legal form. Among these, we mention that a contract should refer to the services involved, the nature and the objective of the agreement, the starting date, the duration of the contract, and the fees involved. Also, bear in mind that the legal terms in case of litigation or termination of the contract are to be found in any type of agreement. Instead of analyzing whether unclear stipulations are mentioned or not in a contract, it is best to talk to one of our attorneys in the Czech Republic before signing it. If terms that are not in accordance with the established agreement are detected, it is suggested to revise the conditions and ask for legal support.

Elaborating the contract

If a company decides to renegotiate some terms and conditions in a contract before signing it, a meeting with the future partners should be sufficient in this situation. Again, we mention that a legal advisor must agree on the provisions of the convention and can be present when such document is signed by the parties included. If for varied reasons the business needs to begin as fast as possible, the contract may enter into force starting with the day of acceptance and registration. 

When a contract can be terminated

If for any reason the terms of a contract are violated or simply not respected by one of the parties involved, this can lead to the termination of the agreement, whether in negotiable conditions or through litigation without any previous notification. For instance, in a lease contract in the Czech Republic, the property owner can close the agreement if the tenant doesn’t respect the obligations involved, such as payments or related issues. One should know that in this situation is that before such agreement is terminated, a three-months notice is made in a written form and handled to the contractor.

For a proper understanding of the legal aspects of a contract in the Czech Republic, we suggest you contact our Czech law firm.