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Tax Minimization in Czech Republic

Tax Minimization in Czech Republic

Even though the tax structure in Czech Republic is relatively low compared to other European states, there is a high interest for companies wishing to optimize the taxes through varied tool options. If you are a business owner looking to cut the taxes in the firm, we suggest you solicit complete legal support from our Czech lawyers. They can also handle the registration procedure of a firm as they are specialized in this field.

What tax minimization options can I have for my company?

With a complete focus on attracting foreign investments, the Czech government proposed a reduced corporate tax of 15% instead of 19% for foreign companies in this country, such rule being considered a significant tax minimization method. Also, companies in Czech Republic can consider the following tax minimization tools:

  • • charitable donations can be considered tax minimization methods;
  • • the costs related to equipment can be deducted under certain rules;
  • • the credits paid in advance can benefit from a series of tax deductions;
  • • the research and development department in the firm can be subject to tax cuts.

Is there a VAT imposed in the trading field?

It is good to know that companies with activities in the export sector in Czech Republic can benefit from a VAT exemption. This benefit is highly important for those kinds of companies looking to find tax minimization methods in Czech Republic.

Looking for tax advice for the company

Our Czech team of lawyers is specialized in tax minimization methods and can provide complete tax advice, with respect to the applicable legislation in the country. It is good to know that a complete evaluation of the firm’s finances is necessary before applying particular tax minimization methods. The analysis of alternatives to tax solution stands at the base of proposing several tax optimization methods, in agreement with the company’s future projects and financial status. 

Feel free to ask for tax advice and contact our law firm in Czech Republic for complete legal support.