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Double Tax Treaty Czech Republic – Brazil

Double Tax Treaty Czech Republic – Brazil

The government of the Federative Republic of Brazil and the Czech Republic signed a convention for the avoidance of double taxation and prevention of fiscal evasion. This double tax treaty became effective starting from January 1st, 1991 and covers the taxes on income. Knowing the financial rules and regulations is highly advisable when you open a company in the Czech Republic. If you are a foreign entrepreneur who wants detailed information about the provisions of the double tax treaty, our Czech lawyers can help you.

Taxes covered by the double tax treaty

This convention for the avoidance of double taxation between the Czech Republic and Brazil refers to several taxes on income. In the case of Brazil, this tax covers the federal income tax. The supplementary income tax and the tax on minor importance activities are excluded from this treaty. In the case of the Czech Republic, the taxes covered by this convention are:

•    the taxes on profits;
•    the wage tax;
•    the agricultural tax;
•    the tax on population income (other financial gains of an individual than salaries);
•    the tax on income gained from literary and artistic activities;
•    the house tax.

The stipulations of this convention apply to any similar or identical taxes imposed by the signing states after this treaty became effective. An agreement for exchanging financial information among the Czech authorities and the Brazilian ones has been concluded. If you want to know how your business in the Czech Republic can benefit from the provisions of this double tax treaty, our Czech attorneys can advise you on the matter.

The aim of the treaty

As stipulated in this convention between the Czech Republic and Brazil, all taxes on income are addressed. These include: taxes from immovable property, all business profits and profits gained from operating shipping and air transport activities, profits from an associated enterprise, profits from interests, dividends and royalties, any capital gain, profits obtained from independent and dependent services (literary, artistic, educational activities) and the fees paid to company directors.

If you want precise information about the financial provisions of this agreement, feel free to contact our lawyers in the Czech Republic.