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Family Law in Czech Republic

Family Law in Czech Republic

The Family Law in the Czech Republic observes the regulations of marriage, divorce and even the cases in which child custody and support is imposed, but also paternity matters. This is the primary legal framework which stands at the base of the family unit in this country, but for a better understanding of the aspects involved, it is suggested to talk to our Czech lawyers at any time. You can also ask our advisors for support in business management and related issues, as they can help investors at the time of company formation.

Details about the Family Law in Czech Republic

From the beginning, we mention that our team of advisors are at your disposal for legal support if you are a foreigner who wants to get married or divorced in Czech Republic or who wants to know information about the family matters and the legislation in this sense. The foundation of a family in Czech Republic is overseen by the Family Law and its rules and regulations and it is the main law that stipulates and also protects the rights of individuals established in this country. The following cases are covered by the Family Law in Czech Republic:

• marriage;

• prenuptial arrangements;

• divorce procedures;

• child custody and support;

• child adoption;

• financial matters linked to the child custody cases;

• paternity situations;

• testaments.

We can guide foreigners in marriage or divorce procedures through the legal requirements as mentioned by the legislation in Czech Republic, therefore, you may address your inquiries to our Czech attorneys.

How marriage takes place in Czech Republic

Persons who want to get married in Czech Republic, whether nationals or foreign citizens must respect the main condition of having over 18 years of age, need to make proof they are not married to other persons and must obtain a health certificate. Foreigners can marry Czech nationals in respect with the applicable legislation of this country, and by providing the home country documents in this sense, like the birth certificate and the document of divorce if it is the case.

How is the divorce procedure in Czech Republic?

The divorce procedure in Czech Republic takes place in two different ways: in complete agreement by both spouses or in the court of law, especially if there are children involved. Both procedures are subject to common assets verification and separation. Likewise, the child custody will be established by the authorities in charge. It is strongly recommended to look for the advice of a lawyer in Czech Republic if you want to file for divorce in this country.

If you need additional information about the Family Law and the rights and responsibilities of a family, please feel free to get in touch our Czech law firm.