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Hiring employees in Czech Republic

Hiring employees in Czech Republic

Foreign entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic who open companies in this country can hire employees at a local level or from abroad under the rules imposed by the Employment Law and the Labor Code. There are certain regulations which need to be respected when hiring staff in the Czech Republic, a matter for which our Czech lawyers can offer information and assistance at any time. Also, our team of advisors can assist you when setting up a business in this country and can act on behalf of your firm as legal representatives.

What are the conditions for hiring EU and non-EU employees?

Individuals from EU and non-EU countries can legally work in the Czech Republic if a work permit is issued in this sense. It is good to know that persons whoown a permanent residence permit in Czech Republic do not need to apply for a work permit. Also, foreign students in the Czech Republic can be hired by employers in this country without having to consider a work permit in this sense.

How do I get a work permit in Czech Republic?

The Employment Office in the Czech Republic issues the work permits for foreigners who already accepted a job in this country. One must know that the employers can apply for a work permit for their future staff in the company, as they are considered sponsors.

What is the validity of a work permit in Czech Republic?

work permit in the Czech Republic is normally valid for two years, with the possibility of renewing it before it expires.

Documents for foreign employees in Czech Republic

Investors from abroad who are interested in hiring staff in the Czech Republic need to consider a series of documents and requirements in this matter. Instead of dealing with unwanted misunderstandings it is best to talk to one of our Czech attorneys for legal support. Please bear in mind the following documents:

  • •    copies of the passports or identification cards of the future employees;
  • •    information about the residency of the employee in the Czech Republic;
  • •    a diploma or a certificate attesting the experience of the new employee;
  • •    a covenant on the mutual credit equivalence of the diploma/certificate.

For a better understanding of the requirements for hiring staff in the Czech Republic, we invite you to contact our Czech law firm.