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Immigrate to Czech Republic from Russia

Immigrate to Czech Republic from Russia

Even though the Czech government has so far suspended the possibility of obtaining visas by Russian and Belarusian citizens, this is a temporary period, caused by the current political context. However, the Czech authorities provide assistance to those seeking humanitarian protection from the countries mentioned above. We will review some of the basic rules for those interested in immigrating to the Czech Republic from Russia. We remind you that our Czech lawyers are ready to offer specialized legal advice.

Visa requirements for Russians in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is part of the Schengen area, as a result, applicants will receive a Schengen visa. Below are some of the general conditions for obtaining such a visa, with the mention that we can assist citizens to relocate to the Czech Republic from Russia:

  • Immigration authorities provide a form to fill in with personal data.
  • A passport valid for at least 3 months is required. 2 passport photos are also required.
  • Travel medical insurance to cover expenses of at least EUR 30,000 is required.
  • Return flight tickets will be required at the time of visa application.
  • Applicants interested in immigrating to the Czech Republic from Russia and applying for a visa must also provide proof of residence in this country.
  • Proof of personal finances is also required, covering the entire stay in the Czech Republic.
  • In addition to the documents mentioned above,copies are required after the birth certificate, marriage certificate, if applicable. One of our Czech lawyers can tell you more about how to move to Czech Republic from Russia.
  • If a job has been accepted in the Czech Republic, applicants must provide a copy of the employment contract.
  • Students interested in relocation must provide proof of enrollment.

These are some of the formalities for obtaining a visa for those interested in how to relocate to the Czech Republic from Russia. Czech embassies and consulates in Russia are currently closed, but you can contact Czech institutions to see how you can immigrate.

How do I obtain Czech residence permit?

The residence permit is mandatory for foreign citizens who want to stay in the Czech Republic for more than 3 months. Formalities include a valid passport, health insurance, proof of money in the account, proof of domicile. Long-term residence is valid for 2 years and is suitable for those who want to reunite with their family, who want to work in the Czech Republic or who want to study in this country. Please note that the formalities for obtaining a residence permit can be handled by our Czech lawyers. Talk to us for complete details about how to immigrate to Czech Republic from Russia.

Applying for a Czech business visa

The Czech Republic is open to foreign investors of all kinds and offers optimal conditions for development. Czech business visa is for those who want to start a company in this country. The formalities for obtaining this visa are simple. The proof of a bank account is needed first, and then the company’s documents will be required, if it is already incorporated. It is important to note that documents must be translated into Czech before being submitted to the Immigration Office.

All the formalities for starting a business in the Czech Republic can be explained to you at leisure by our Czech attorneys.

Here are some interesting statistics about immigration to Czech Republic:

  • About 5.5% of the Czech population is made up of immigrants.
  • According to data for 2019, most immigrants have jobs in the industrial sector in the Czech Republic.
  • About 1922 people applied for international protection in the Czech Republic.

Want to know more about how to immigrate to Czech Republic from RussiaContact our Czech law firm right away!