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Marriage in Czech Republic

Marriage in Czech Republic

Foreigners can get married in Czech Republic through a civil or a religious marriage. In order to complete a marriage in Czech Republic, the parties will need to obtain a marriage license, issued by the City Hall of the respective city or region where the wedding ceremonies will be held. Prior to the wedding, the parties will need to provide a set of documents and our team of Czech lawyers can offer legal assistance on the marriage registration

Documents to submit for marriage in Czech Republic  

According to the civil legislation applicable in the Czech Republic, foreigners can get married in this country with a Czech national if specific documents will be provided. It is necessary to register with the Office of Vital Statistics in Czech Republic, by providing the following documents, prescribed under the Act No. 301/2000 Coll. on Offices of Vital Records, Names and Surnames :

• birth certificate; 

• a document attesting the Czech nationality of one of the applicants;

• information on the permanent residency, provided by the Information System of Inhabitant Records;

• extract from the Information System of Inhabitant Records, attesting the legal status of the applicant;

• a divorce certificate (in the situation in which one of the parties had a previous marriage);

• a death certificate (in the case in which one spouse is a widow/er). 

The application must be submitted at the Office of Vital Statistics by the Czech national. However, it is important to know that the Czech national is not obliged to provide all the above mentioned documents, although it is recommended. Our team of lawyers in Czech Republic can offer more details on this matter. 

In the case of the foreign national getting married in Czech Republic, the applicant will be required to submit similar documents as the ones mentioned above. 

Other marriage regulations in Czech Republic  

When applying for marriage in Czech Republic, the parties will need to pay certain fees for the issuance of marriage documents. Also, in the situation in which the foreign national does not understand the Czech language (marriage ceremonies are held in the local language), the couple may request the presence of an interpreter. The same is applicable in the case in which one of the parties is mute or deaf. 

Please contact our law firm in Czech Republic for more details on the marriage procedure