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Obtain Information About Czech Companies

Obtain Information About Czech Companies

The process of a company formation in Czech Republic starts with the Regional Commercial Court and particularly the Business Registry where the entrepreneur or his/her representative must submit the documents of the future business. The same authorities can offer on request particular information about other existing companies with activities on the market.  If you would like legal advice in this case, we recommend you talk to one of our Czech lawyers. The same team of advisors can help investors with business consultancy at any time.

Who can ask information about Czech companies?

Both natural persons and businessmen can place a request to the Business Registry through which they solicit details about the activities, the profit, the loses, or the structure of a firm in the Czech Republic. Likewise, representatives of companies may ask for information in the following matters:

•    the financial statements of a firm to see if a negotiation can take place;

•    details about the stockholders of a particular business with establishments in Czech Republic;

•    information about the reliability of such firm when dealing with providers;

•    details about the registered share capital;

•    information about the audits of a company in Czech Republic.

In this important act of obtaining information about companies in Czech Republic, it is best to ask our Czech attorneys for legal support because our team of advisors know what type of information is available or not.

How is information about companies in Czech Republic solicited?

According to the Civil Code and especially the Act No. 89/2012, the name, the business address, the activities, the tax filings, the VAT registration, the type of business or the share capital are among the information you can obtain about a Czech company. In most cases, persons interested in obtaining such data need to submit particular forms in this sense which are usually found at the Registry. It is good to know that before making such request, one must explain in written the purposes of asking for this kind of information. Also, individuals can make a company verification by using the identification number of the business on the official website of the Business Registry in Czech Republic. Please bear in mind that not all companies are obliged to publicly display the business information, therefore, such demands can be rejected.

If you would like to know more details about the procedure of obtaining information about companies registered in Czech Republic, we suggest you get in touch with our law firm in Czech Republic.