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Prenuptial Agreement in Czech Republic

Prenuptial Agreement in Czech Republic

prenuptial agreement in Czech Republic is signed by the future spouses in the event in which the couple will get a divorce. The document is drafted following the decisions agreed upon by the parties related to the common property and the way in which it will be shared during the divorce procedure. The prenuptial agreement can also stipulate the manner in which one of the parties will pay alimony, in the situation in which the couple has children. Our team of lawyers in Czech Republic can assist local and foreign persons to sign a prenuptial agreement

Property of a married couple in Czech Republic  

According to the applicable legislation in Czech Republic, the property that is accumulated during a marriage belongs to both parties, in equal manner. However, the prenuptial agreement can stipulate different aspects related to the common property

prenuptial agreement can be signed in Czech Republic previous to the marriage registration, but it is allowed to enter into this type of contract even after the couple got married. Still, it is important to know that a contract that is signed after the wedding is called an equity contract

The prenuptial agreement is drafted and signed in front of a public notary in Czech Republic and it will then be registered with The Society of NotariesOur team of attorneys in Czech Republic can offer legal assistance for the drafting of a prenuptial contract

Stipulations of a Czech prenuptial agreement  

The prenuptial agreement becomes effective immediately after the wedding, but it may be enforced at a later date, if the parties agreed so. 

prenuptial agreement can deal with the following issues, besides the common property: 

• estate planning;

• alimony;

• asset management;

• responsibilities of the parties in case of debt.

In a prenuptial agreement, the parties will need to establish the applicable legislation concerning the marital property in the event of a divorce. They will have to stipulate the habitual residence of each party, the nationality of the spouses, the country in which the marriage was registered and many others. 

Persons who are interested in signing a prenuptial agreement are invited to contact our law firm in Czech Republic for legal assistance and advice.