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Verification of a Czech Company

Verification of a Czech Company

Companies in the Czech Republic are incorporated in respect to the conditions of the Trade Register in this country. Foreigners looking to start a company in Czech Republic can verify specific business names in order to see if they can use them or not. With complete support and legal advice offered by our team of lawyers in the Czech Republic, entrepreneurs can benefit from a fast incorporation of their businesses in this state. You can solicit legal assistance for other matters like marriage or divorce procedures if you are a foreigner in the Czech Republic and need to know the applicable legislation.

Who is entitled to verify a company in Czech Republic?

Anyone looking for information about a public company in the Czech Republic can solicit details in this sense from the Czech Trade Register. Even natural persons can make an application and ask for information about a specific firm if interested in the financial reports or about the capital contribution of company members. You might want to observe the following details before verifying a company in the Czech Republic:

  • • the Trade Register offers free access to persons interested in verifying a company in the Czech Republic;
  • • if it is a public company, the minimum share capital is offered for disclosure;
  • • persons can ask for the name of the company, its business name, and its activities;
  • • information about the board of management and about the owners are also provided on request.

Legal support should be solicited if interested in business formation in the Czech Republic, so we invite you to talk to our advisors.

Types of companies available for verification in Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic you can solicit information about public trading companies, international trade unions, organizations, sole traders, branches, subsidiaries, and limited partnerships. It is good to know that the information about the companies in Czech Republic is kept by the Public Register which is controlled by the Ministry of Justice in this country.

Foreign investors who want to open businesses in Czech Republic or ask for information about a particular company can request legal advice from our Czech law firm. Feel free to contact us for complete details.